GREEN CREATIVE TITANIUM product line has qualified for Lighting Design Lab LED lamp listing and Northwest utility rebates

GREEN CREATIVE is proud to announce that its TITANIUM product line has qualified to be listed on the Lighting Design Lab LED lamp listing and will now qualify for utility rebate in the Northwest region. This listing is another evidence of GREEN CREATIVE MR16, PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 great product quality and performance.

The Lighting Design Lab has been appointed by several large North Western utility companies to qualify products that should receive rebates or incentives. Through a strict application process, careful review of all third party testing report and samples against high performance requirements the Lighting Design Lab then issue a list of product that                                                  qualify for rebates.

The LED product list has been developed by the Lighting Design Lab for Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light, Snohomish PUD, Tacoma Power, the Energy Trust of Oregon, Bonneville Power Administration, Idaho Power, and Eugene Water and Electric Board. GREEN CREATIVE now qualifies for rebates with all above utility companies.

About the Lighting Design Lab
“The Lighting Design Lab works to transform the Northwest lighting market by promoting quality design and energy efficient technologies.” More information on the Lighting Design Lab website or view the online listing.
GREEN CREATIVE is a solid state lighting development, sourcing and manufacturing company specialized in providing high quality LED lighting products. GREEN CREATIVE is committed to provide only relevant high performance products that have been rigorously engineered, manufactured and tested. More information about GREEN CREATIVE and the TITANIUM series is available on or by email: