GREEN CREATIVE lamps receive top marks in the US Department of Energy CALiPER Application Summary Report 22 for LED MR16 Lamps

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 13th, 2014, The Department of Energy’s recent CALiPER Application Summary Report 22 tested two GREEN CREATIVE products alongside 25 other LED MR16 lamps.  Both lamps performed exceptionally well in testing, with GREEN CREATIVE’s MR16 7W HIGH CRI recording the highest color rendering index (CRI) overall and the MR16 7W High Output achieving the highest efficacy of all CRI >80 lamps.

Since 2006, The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) CALiPER program has been performing photometric testing through accredited, independent laboratories on general illumination solid-state lighting (SSL).  The resulting CALiPER reports seek to investigate and capture market trends and performance benchmarks of the prominent products at that time.

The CALiPER Application Summary Report 22 targeted LED MR16 lamps that met the following performance metrics: rated output of 500 lm or greater or a 50W halogen equivalency claim, CRI 90 or greater and a beam angle of 15° or narrower.  Lamps were purchased anonymously from 22 different manufacturers, including SORAA, Philips, CREE, OSRAM and GE and tested for light output, efficacy, distribution, color quality, electrical characteristics and form factor.

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Out of the 27 LED MR16 lamps, testing identified 4 lamps with a CRI higher than 90.  GREEN CREATIVE’s CRISP SERIES MR16 7W lamp ranked the highest with a CRI of 98. This ENERGY STAR® certified lamp also ranked the highest for efficacy among high CRI lamps at 69 lumens per watt (LPW), with the next highest lamp only reaching 54 LPW.

The report noted increasing CRI does reduce energy efficiency but clearly pointed out a high CRI does not equate to low efficacy: “However, it is also critical to distinguish that just because a product has a high CRI does not mean it cannot have high efficacy. For example, product 14-01 (GREEN CREATIVE MR16 7W High CRI) has a CRI of 98 with an efficacy of 69 lm/W” (CALiPER, 2014 p.15).

GREEN CREATIVE’s ENERGY STAR certified MR16 7W High Output lamp also recorded the highest efficacy of all CRI >80 lamps with an industry leading 80 LPW.  A core component of all CALiPER reports is to evaluate the accuracy of manufacturers’ performance claims.  Both GREEN CREATIVE MR16s outperformed the specifications listed on their packaging and data sheets, particularly in the areas of light output, efficacy, and input power.

Data sheets for the GREEN CREATIVE products listed on the CALiPER report may be found here: MR16 7W HIGH CRI and MR16 7W High Output.

To learn more about CRI and GREEN CREATIVE’s CRISP SERIES, watch this video.

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