GREEN CREATIVE attends the Pacific Northwest Utility Lighting Summer Summit 2014

Portland, OR, June 19th, Principal and co-founder of GREEN CREATIVE, Cole Zucker, attended the Pacific Northwest Utility Lighting Summer Summit 2014 as a guest speaker. This annual conference brings together LED industry professionals and utility personnel with the aim of broadening communication and encouraging information exchange between the two parties. Regional utility groups in attendance included the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), the Northwest Lighting Network and the Bonneville Power Administration.


Representing GREEN CREATIVE, Zucker resided on a special guest panel comprised of both LED and LED controls manufacturers chosen for their first-hand knowledge of the manufacturing process. Guest panelists provided unique perspectives on LED technology trends, focusing largely on fast moving LED product cycles and the impact of utility programs.

Zucker stressed the importance of improving communication between the utility and the manufacturing sides in order to make incentivized measures less of a reactive process and more of a proactive one. This will also lead to products being released that conform more closely to the prevalent standards of the time and region.

Additionally, Zucker touched upon the lack of regularity in incentive programs by stating, “While it is impossible to provide uniformity in utility measures among the various utilities nationwide, there should be consistency in product types on a nationwide basis. ENERGY STAR does a great job in promoting high standards of LED technology and pushing efficiency and CRI. However, the adoption of other internal standards makes it a challenge in designing new products because there exists a lack of consistency in certain utilities.”

Overall, the event proved an extremely effective forum for promoting the exchange of ideas between the utility and the manufacturing communities.


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